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"Memories" map for Duke Nukem 3D

Hello everyone! 

It's been a long time since I released something substantial for good old Duke Nukem 3D. 8 Years, in fact. It's been nice, getting back to my roots. This small level takes inspiration from the classic Duke 3D style. I was feeling very nostalgic lately, and this level is very much inspired by that distant feeling. Some of the areas even reference original Duke 3D locations. Can you guess which ones? 

So, all in all, pretty standart level. Nothing groundbreaking, really. No surprises. No memory. No crazy gimmicks. Just classic action to entertain you for a little while!
I just wanna go back. 

"Let's Rock" recommended for first playthrough.
Don't play with Polymer!
This map can be challenging! Do multiple saves or you won't get far. 

DOWNLOAD (Latest EDuke32 required!)

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