понедельник, 27 октября 2014 г.

Urea 51 (PC version)

Urea 51 is one of the most obscure Duke 3D levels, coming straight from the Sega Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D, originally made by Lobotomy Software. So, when I finally got my own Saturn and played the game, I couldn't resist not to make a PC version of the level.

I ported the level without using any converting tools and it's slightly different from the original version (the layout is the same, though). I also used some tricks to emulate the features of the SlaveDriver engine.

Have fun!

EDuke 32 download
Steam version

суббота, 18 октября 2014 г.

понедельник, 8 сентября 2014 г.

Halls Of Doom mini episode

I'm heavily inspired by Doom, so I decided to create this mini episode. It consists of three levels, with each level taking inspiration from each episode of Doom. No new textures or code used, since I tried to recreate Doom environment with DN3D resources.

DM, COOP and difficulty settings are supported.


Steam release part 1
Steam release part 2
Steam release part 3

Release thread

понедельник, 4 августа 2014 г.

Duke Craft release

It's been a long time since I've made something for Duke 3D. A few months ago my friend introduced to me a game called Minecraft and I really liked it. I decided, why not make a Minecraft themed map?

Duke Craft is a combination of DN3D mechanics and Minecraft-like level design. The story is simple - aliens stole Duke's hard earned diamonds and he has to get them back. The map includes some features taken from Minecraft, like crafting or using torches to light the areas. No additional code or sounds were used, only new textures. Don't play it with polymer or else it'll screw up some of the graphics.

So, hope you'll like it! Non-minecraft players will probably enjoy the map as well. It contains some tips for players who's not familiar with Minecraft mechanics.


Steam release