суббота, 30 марта 2024 г.

"Memories" map for Duke Nukem 3D

Hello everyone! 

It's been a long time since I released something substantial for good old Duke Nukem 3D. 8 Years, in fact. It's been nice, getting back to my roots. This small level takes inspiration from the classic Duke 3D style. I was feeling very nostalgic lately, and this level is very much inspired by that distant feeling. Some of the areas even reference original Duke 3D locations. Can you guess which ones? 

So, all in all, pretty standart level. Nothing groundbreaking, really. No surprises. No memory. No crazy gimmicks. Just classic action to entertain you for a little while!
I just wanna go back. 

"Let's Rock" recommended for first playthrough.
Don't play with Polymer!
This map can be challenging! Do multiple saves or you won't get far. 

DOWNLOAD (Latest EDuke32 required!)

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суббота, 2 июля 2022 г.

The Wall: midified version

Hello! Long time no see.

Some of you might remember an old project of mine, The Wall map for Duke Nukem 3D, based on an album and film by the band Pink Floyd. Due to excessive use of copyrighted material in the original release, I decided to make a version that would be suitable for youtube videos and streaming. Almost all music is replaced with free midi versions. A little bit too late, but better late than ever.


вторник, 1 января 2019 г.

Undertale 3D New Year Adventure (fangame)

Hello everyone. Just wanted to share a small Undertale fangame I made in the past three days.
Controls: WASD - move, E or left click - use, Esc - quit. Works only with windows.
It's very short, but I hope you'll enjoy it!


суббота, 9 сентября 2017 г.

The Pursuer

Just a small gameplay mod for Duke 3D.

Do not play this mod with HRP and polymer. It does not contain new levels, just a new gameplay element.

It may look like a regular enemy, but you can't kill it. It can go through walls. It will never stop. Run away as fast as you can. Just try to finish the level.

You've heard it. Now it can see you.
You've seen it. Now it can touch you.
You've touched it. It's over for you.


четверг, 2 марта 2017 г.

A.Dream 2 V2.0

An updated version of an old standalone release of A.Dream 2.

I tried to make this version more fun and playable. I added polymer lighting, a working flashlight, an extra monster and weapon to make the action less repetitive, a couple of new scares and areas, and other things

Download (requies polymer!)

воскресенье, 3 апреля 2016 г.

Octo Desperado

It's been years since I released a Duke 3D usermap, so, I decided to have some fun and make a level for april fools day! It's essentially a sequel to Kill City and it's just as weird and wacky.